Welcome to the very beginnings of what will hopefully become the source for information about Sarkos – the lands, people, creatures, and magics that make up this incredible world. I am currently in the beginning stages of filling out basic information regarding background info and general knowledge. Also, I plan to have a wiki page available for each of you that will contain pertinent info for your characters: Background, recent history, and a copy of your Character Sheet. Theoretically, this wiki will be editable by you, but that depends on what happens.

Eventually, I plan on this site being a way for you to quickly find any “publicly” available information about the world; that is, anything that the average citizen can access. I have plans that go further than that, but for now think of the wiki as a general info library, so that you aren’t forced to remember every little detail about the world.

In the meantime, be patient with me while I get the website up and running.